I’m 25 and have a real passion for creating anything that involves making artwork. Whenever I have these ideas I’ll always have a go at creating them. I love making (not buying!) and doing things in my own creative way.

It’s been a hard life for me, what I’ve gone through is very rare stuff so I’ve had to fight hard for things. I take 62 tablets a day (sometimes my mum has to remind me) and have done since I was 3 years old. It all started when I had a stroke at 10 months old, from which I lost all movement in my left side. The stroke brought on epilepsy when I was 10, without the stroke I wouldn’t have epilepsy.

I have always looked for similar people who have the same issues and it’s been great to meet and work with so many other similar people at ARTHOUSE. The best thing about ARTHOUSE is seeing my work in the shop, fully finished and someone going ‘WOW’ when they see it or hearing how much they love my work.

It’s getting better and better, and as my mum always says ‘Give it a go Amy’.

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